Are Bed Bugs Biting You? Employ These Easy Step To Prevent Them

Bed bugs are a big pain specially if you are looking for a good night’s sleep after a long and tiring day of slogging at office. Bed bugs tend to bite and they bite hard, making it impossible for you to sleep peacefully. The most risky part about bed bugs is the fact that they tend to spread from one mattress to another if not treated in the initial stages. Bed bugs is one of the most difficult pest problems and the sooner you get rid of it, the better. But how many times can you call the pest control company to help you get rid of the bugs that irritate you and make your sleep disturbed? After a point even the people working in the pest control companies will get irritated. So the time has come for you to help yourself and work on eradicating the bugs from your room and eventually from your life.

Does this sound interesting? Then stay tuned to find out how you can create a trap for them in your bed.

You Are Just 7 Steps Away from Getting Rid of the Bed Bugs

If you thought bed bugs treatment is a tiring task, then think again because the 5 steps that we tell you are simple to execute.All you need is the right combination of diligence and hard work to wipe out the bugs because they are indeed quite bugging.

1. Apply Sticky Tapes

It is quite an effective technique.Carefully paste sticky tapes all around your bed preferably without missing a spot anywhere. To check whether the technique is working fine, you can grab an ant and place it there. This is one of the best bed bug controlling steps you can adopt in your home without having to spend a lot of money.

2. Keep Your Bedding always Heated

Heat the mattress, the pillows and the bed covers in a dryer before they are back to where they should be. The upper surface of the bed will remain free from the bugs till the time the blanket does not touch the floor. This is yet again, a tried and tested bed bug treatment.

3. Detect the Rooms that are Bugged with Bed Bugs

Bedrooms are the soft targets for the bed bugs to attack. The next soft spot would be the living areas that have sofas and couch. Bed bugs spread like a viral and very gradually but at a steady pace starts to spread from one room to another. So the moment you spot them get to work and help yourself.

4. Never Throw Away the Mattresses

One of the biggest mistakes that people often do is, they throw away the bedding or the mattresses only to have it replaced with another one. All this is pointless because whether new mattress or not, the bed bugs attack those as well. The only solution is to opt for bed bugs treatment instead of replacing them.

5. Apply the Bed Bugs Treatment to the other Rooms as well

One of the biggest challenges that you might encounter is to start treating the other rooms as well after getting rid of the bed bugs in the room where it all originated. If you have been successful in detecting the bed bugs early, then chances are high that they have not spread and you would not need to treat the other rooms. Otherwise gear up to kill the bug in the other rooms.

6. Be Careful when Selecting the Insecticides

The sprays used to kill the bed bugs are easily available but the commercial insecticides needs to be applied carefully on the insects directly and on the areas where they hide. The bed bugs usually hide in any empty space or crevices where the aerosols find it impossible to penetrate.

7. Remember to Check after Regular Intervals

There are chances that the bed bugs might visit you again, in order to prevent all that, it is important for you to check the areas after regular intervals. It helps if you can detect them early rather than when they have spread considerably and you have a hard time to detect and kill them.

These are some of the easiest ways to keep the bed bugs from bugging you and it is much better than calling in the pest control services after the bed bugs have spread massively in all the beds. Like the wise ones say, prevention is always better than cure. Now that you have these effective and economical tricks up your sleeve, there is no reason to fret and lose your sleep over bed bugs. Always remember to stay cautious when using pesticides if planning to spray them indoors because it has adverse effects on your health. But if you can apply them with the right amount of tact and cautiousness, then you shall be safe from the troubles of bed bugs.