Do’s and Don’ts of Using Pesticides

Even though pesticides are touted to be one of the prime enemies of the human race in the present day world, following a few basic guidelines ensure that it doesn’t seep into our ecosystem and food chain. It is important to be aware of the procedure that ensures that these pesticides do not cause harm to us, human beings.

Pesticides are essentially chemical or biological substances that can kill living organisms such as unwanted plants, insects, diseases or animals and prevent them from infiltrating into our precious fields of crops and vegetables. Be it insecticides, herbicides, fungicides or rodenticides – it is possible to counter the ill-effects by adhering to the below mentioned tips.

  • Do implement precautionary steps from the very beginning itself
  • Do consider alternatives to countering your pests than applying pesticides
  • Do read the labels carefully before buying and abide by the instructions strictly after buying
  • Do apply correct dosage and only to the crops which are mentioned on the label
  • Do wear protective clothing and employ safety measures as specified on the label
  • Do transport and store pesticides very carefully
  • Do keep pets and children away from pesticides and from the target area where they have already been applied
  • Do maintain detailed records when you apply pesticides. This includes environmental conditions as well
  • Do keep an emergency contact number handy so that any case of pesticide poisoning can be treated immediately
  • Do dispose of the unused or unwanted pesticides only at places specified by the local governing body
  • Do not inhale any pesticide spray, vapour or dust under any circumstances
  • Do not dispose of unused products in drains or basins
  • Do not use pesticides in the vicinity of a well head
  • Do not stock up on pesticides. Buy only as much as you might need
  • Do not reuse any empty pesticide container
  • Do not transfer pesticides from one bottle to another
  • Do not smoke or eat while applying pesticides
  • Do not apply excess pesticides. This endangers the environment
  • Do not use any pesticide on any target which it is not intended for
  • Do not take any of the instructions specified on the label lightly

It is not really that difficult to envision a world which is not harmed by the use of such pesticides. May pesticides be used only for the intended purpose and not contaminate our food chain in any way.