Importance Of Pest Control Service Post Natural Disasters

Disasters strike quite unexpectedly. With some care, a lot of the belongings can be salvaged from a wreck. However, in case of flash floods and cyclones there is no telling what will happen and the extent of damages cannot be anticipated. It may take a lot of time to get things to right or it may be a day’s work. It all depends on the level of damage that the structure has incurred. While the structural repairs are easier, it is the infestation of bugs and other pests that can cause the maximum of problems. Many people feel they can take on the world after surviving a disaster, but that could land them in trouble.

When Water Overflows

In case of cyclones, storms or floods, the risk of pests and insects increases a lot. For one, the rodents and ants lose a lot of their food supply and only humans seem to have something left to scavenge from.

The risk of rats and mice infesting the food stores increase a lot. There are chances of plague breaking out if these are not stopped in time. They are the harbingers of many diseases, a lot of them contagious, not to mention they deplete the food stores to nil when out on a rampage.

Diseases Waiting to Happen

For another set of problems, mosquitoes are on the verge of attacking humans and cattle as their numbers grow almost magically post a deluge. All the containers where water must have accumulated show a marked increase in the amount of larvae and pupae. Cattle and humans have an unbearable few weeks post any disaster if proper care and steps are not taken to remove all possible avenues of their growth. Bedbugs are another set of troubles that set in when the damp refuses to leave the spongy and wet mattresses. Sleeping on them will become a nightmare and no respite will come to sight once that happens.

No Respite in Sleep

While all the above problems result from the infestation of rodents and flying insects, one particular type of their kind will just swarm into all possible areas of the house that is dry. Ants can cause a lot more damage to the structure of the house. They burrow in and create their towns and cities, all the while damaging the core of the foundations. There are no solutions available to countermand all of them apart from using the help of a professional pest control service. These firms have all the requisite qualifications and tools to remove the damage and causes effectively.

Directions to follow

  • Landowners must inspect their property immediately after the disaster and find out if there are any unusual signs of pest incursion
  • Dispose off any food items that have spoiled off. Smaller quantities can be buried, but for larger quantities, call the Environmental Health Officer and find out the right way.
  • Never try to remove pest infestations by self. Get the help of professional pest control service providers without fail. However, do not always trust those who come right on the heels of the calamity and offer to help without credentials.
  • Remove any animal carcass from the property following the directions from the concerned authorities. Rats have a habit of following these and creating a nuisance.
  • Mosquitoes breed in dirty stagnant water and all the containers or puddles that could become a problem should get emptied and cleared. Malaria and several other fevers are caused by these insects.

Do not use pesticides randomly nor allow the pests to become a menace. The right pest control service will give correct instructions and help get rid of them too.