Pest Prevention – Ways To Counter And Stop The Problem

Pests are indeed a nuisance. They adversely affect the health and mental peace of the family. Be it a tiny bug or be it a rodent, it is rather a huge hassle to eradicate these pests once the infestation occurs. Hence, it is advisable to endorse the easier task which is to prevent them from entering and breeding inside your home. So, when it comes to tackling this issue from the very roots itself, then there is no means secondary to practising the virtue of cleanliness.

Most of these pests thrive on grime and dirt and feed on scraps dropped by us. Our expert panel of pest control executives have come up with the below mentioned set of effective guidelines to counter the issue

It is always a good practice to eat only at appropriate places like the dining table or the kitchen. Leaving of crumbs is a major factor which attracts infestation. Hence, the lesser the surface area which is exposed to such crumbs, the lesser will be the area that would require cleaning on a regular basis. [Do’s and Don’ts of Using Pesticides]

Do It Yourself Pest Control – Use Ful Tips

  • Wipe up accidental spills immediately so that no pests can use that as a food source.
  • Wash utensils on a daily basis – At times, even soaking of dishes for an extended time period results in attracting all sorts of pests. Once washed, it is important to dry them too.
  • Floors must be swept and mopped or vacuumed on a daily basis so that there is no accumulation of dirt and dust or food particles.
  • Water should not be allowed to get accumulated in places where it isn’t supposed to and storage of stagnant water for an extended time period should be avoided as far as possible.
  • Washrooms must be maintained properly and there is no other way than cleaning it regularly.
  • All cracks and crevices must be sealed with the help of high quality caulking so that pests can’t hide and breed in such dark places.
  • Food items should be stored very carefully and always in a covered manner. Pests find it easier to cut through polythene. Hence, it is advisable to store food in plastic or glass containers and should always be properly covered with a lid.

Maintaining a clean house is the best possible way to counter the invasion of pests. However, despite all your best efforts if these pesky scavengers still manage to make their way into your home, then do resort to the help of experts i.e. the pest control services so as to tackle the problem in the initial stages itself.