How to Select a Pest Control Service Provider?

Selecting a right pest control service provider is a tough job. With so many options around it’s difficult to zero in on a company that’s right for you. Here’re some useful tips to select a pest control service provider in your area –

  • Check whether the company is licensed or not.
  • Is the license current?
  • Are the technicians bonded?
  • Does the pest control company have appropriate insurance?
  • Can they show proof on paper that the company is insured?
  • Since how many years they’re in this business?
  • How many years of experience the company has in treating pest problems like yours?
  • Also ask for a treatment plan of your home. They should be able to recommend a plan which should include
  1. pests to be controlled
  2. pest infested areas and explain the extent of infestation
  3. pesticides to be chosen
  4. application technique
  5. reapplication required or not
  • Are they willing to discuss about low toxicity options?
  • Does the company have a good track record? Do research and find the answers yourself. Ask friends and family whether they’ve worked with the company before. If yes, then how was their experience?
  • Ask the company for customer references. And call them.
  • Do they offer 24*7 support?
  • Does the company offer an estimate for their services in writing?

As you contact and interview different pest control companies. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. As a consumer it’s your right to know.